Best Lens for Canon T6i – Reviewed

If you are looking for the best Canon T6i lens for daily photography, you can refer to Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens. It is recognized to be the new standard kit lens for the APS-C DSLR cameras of Canon. It comes with the 29-88mm focal length. It is equipped with the recently developed stepping motor which ensures continuous and smooth AF during the capturing of video, in live view mode. It comes with super spectra coating which reduces flare and ghosting, the non-rotating front element, circular seven-blade aperture. Featuring the internal focus design, it provides full-time manual focus which is electronically driven.


This lens comes with an amazing broad zoom ring, the AF/MF switch, the switch for the image stabilization. A narrow ring is present near the front lens by which it is possible to focus manually. The body of the lens is comprised of plastic of premium quality which contributes to making the weight of the lens just two ounces.

Image Stabilization

The lens features the 4-stop image stabilizer technology with which it possible to use shutter speeds 4 times with a considerable rise in the image blur.


The resolution of the camera is considered to be one of the worth mentioning reasons why people prefer this lens. It stands out of the ordinary in conferring a sharp feature. As it comes with a sharp feature, you can be ensured that you will be able to click the most amazing pictures with this lens. If you are looking for a lens by which you can click ext-ordinary photos daily, you should refer to this lens.


The lens has earned a high reputation for the character development at 18mm from visible barrel distortion to the lighter pincushion distortion at almost 55mm. You will not find any distortion in the photos above 35mm. At the least focal lengths, you will be capable of recognizing the distortion in practice.


This Canon T6i comes with lens elements along with super spectra coating for the prevention of internal reflections. In accordance with canon, the coating plays an indispensable role in the absorption of light when gets reflected from the internal lens elements or sensor of the camera. This lens function in an effective manner.

Chromatic Aberration

This is an economic lens and can be availed in the popular chromatic aberration form. Chromatic aberration present in the lens review the magnetic fringing in different areas of the higher contract. It is more visible in the wider angles in comparison to the zoomed in.


This lens shower amazing sharpness at the ƒ/3.5 at 18mm wide-open. This lens stands out of the ordinary in providing amazing performance. There is a consistent improvement in the performance of the sharpness while zooming out the focal range.

Ease Of Use

One of the prominent reasons why people prefer using this lens is due to the fact that it can be used without any hassles. You are sure to get undistorted and sharp photos with the aid of this lens.

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM happens to be another worth mentioning the name in the list of best Canon T6i lens. You can take clear photos with this lens.