Canon T6 review in 2018

The canon t6 / EOS 1300D is an entry-level digital camera for beginners. The camera steers clear of eye-catching aspects in favor of a solid and quality image. All this at a minimum cost. There are numerous DSLRs out in the market with better specs but one has to fork out more pay to acquire them.

Canon T6 camera

Canon T6 best features

  • The fully automated shooting modes.
  • Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity
  • The standard EF-S lens mount allows for a wide variety of lenses to be applicable.
  • A battery life of 500 shots
  • Full HD video capture
  • A 902,000 dot unit 3 inch clear display

Areas for improvement in the Canon T6

  • The lack of 4K shooting though off course the price justifies the lack of it.
  • The 9 point autofocus needs to upgrade.
  • No touchscreen


The battery life of the Canon T6 is impressive with a 500 shots capability. This is enough for an average day of shooting. A formidable competitor here is the Nikon D3300 that offers not only a longer battery life of about 700 shots but also a higher resolution with a burst rate maximum of 5fps. The T6 has a burst rate of 3fps maximum. The T6 edges the Nikon D3300 due to its Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity that the latter lacks.

The Nikon D3500 offers better detail resolution as compared to the T6. This is however not very pronounced unless one is printing extra-large pictures. Nikon D3500’s 24.2 MP sensor obviously beats the T6 18 MP sensor. Concerning the pricing, the T6 is by far cheaper than the Nikon. The T6 sell at $272.99 on Amazon while the Nikon D3500 sells at $ 669.6 at Walmart. The Nikon has a 1550 shots capable battery and has Bluetooth connectivity.


Even with the stiff competition in the DSLR current market, the Canon T6 offers value for offers beginners a great image quality and other features at an affordable price. Despite its reliance on features from the old model T5, the introduction of new aspects such as Wi-Fi and NFC are a great welcome.

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