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Best Nikon D3500 Lenses for Landscape Photography

The type of lenses you have will determine the quality of
the photo. For the best landscaping photography, you need to find the best Nikon D3500 lens that will suit your camera. The lens needs to have a better focal length and a wider angle of view. With this, you will definitely achieve the best view needed.

Nikon D3500 lens

When buying the Nikon D3500 lenses, there are different
features and factors to check out. For example, the angle of view, focal length, weight and size, and aperture of the lens. Here are some top lenses to check out.

#1. Nikon D3500 AF-S DX NIKKOR ED Zoom Lens

Are you looking for the best lens for your Niko D3500 camera? This is a high-quality lens with a focal length of 10-24 mm plus a close focusing to about 0.8 feet. Besides this, the lens also provides
excellent color correction plus a fast and accurate autofocus operation. This is due to the SWM, which makes it very efficient. In addition to this, the lens is widely versatile since it can be used on a number of Nikon DSLR cameras.

Moreover, the lens also features the aspherical lens elements, which aid in doing away with coma plus other types of lens aberration, making it one great lens for landscape photography, interiors, architecture, and cityscapes among others.

#2. Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Lens for Nikon 3500

The focal length of the lens is one factor to check out for when buying the lenses. This is one great lens that is ideal for the Nikon D3500 and other models. It has a focal length of 18-35 mm, which makes it excellent for landscape photography. In addition to this, you can also use it for still life, snapshots, and portraits among others.

Besides this, the lens provides a better angle view, which makes it an excellent selection for all users. The quality lens features internal focusing and zooming. This brings about more functionality and usability; hence a great selection for all users.

These are the best Nikon D3500 lenses that will suit your camera.

They are recommended for landscaping and other functions like portraits and casual use. The lenses have a longer focal length with wide angles for a better view. The Nikon D3500 lenses can also be used on other Nikon cameras; hence the D3500 bundle selections to try out.

Tips for the new Canon T7i bundle package

Purchasing a quality camera is very important as it effectively allows you to take quality images and also record outstanding videos.

The Canon T7i bundle has what it takes to conveniently accomplish your photography and videography goals. It displays outstanding ergonomics and handling.

This type of camera comes with powerful battery life. Not to mention, its 24.2 MP sensor makes a difference to the user as it helps you take high-quality pictures and record quality videos.

When purchasing this type of camera, you always have the alternative to purchase either in a bundle or even purchase individual accessories. It’s always advisable to buy it in a bundle because you will pay less and there is also guaranteed of getting a warranty to all of your accessories for one year.

Benefits of buying Canon T7i bundle

Before buying this type of camera, it’s important to understand its benefits. They include.

1. It’s budget friendly

Canon T7i bundle

One of the advantages of buying Canon T7i bundle is that it’s cost effective and the user is able to save more money. Its manufacturer always provides great discounts when you buy it in a bundle. It has a friendly price.

2. Authenticity and originality on its accessories

There is a high chance of getting genuine and original accessories when you buy it in a bundle. The risk of buying individual accessories is that you may get fake accessories from certain dealers.

3. Warranty accessibility

The advantage of buying this camera is that you will be given a warranty of 1 year on all accessories. Your money can be refunded if it fails to function before the warranty period expires.

4. Improve on the security of the camera

Protective cases are always provided to safeguard parts of the camera that are delicate.

5. Quality image and videos

Be assured that the features of this camera enhance better performance in photography.

Components that are included in the Canon T7i bundle package

  • Digital flash
  • Camera bag
  • Sandisk 64 GB memory card
  • Battery charger
  • Battery pack LP-E17
  • Camera body
  • 3PC flash diffusers
  • Wireless remote control
  • Camera grip strap

Essential accessories to check out for

  • Lens blower
  • UV filters
  • Dedicated bean bag

Always ensure you purchase rebel T7i with the perfect size, configuration, better performance, design and affordable price to boost your photography.

Canon T6 review in 2018

The canon t6 / EOS 1300D is an entry-level digital camera for beginners. The camera steers clear of eye-catching aspects in favor of a solid and quality image. All this at a minimum cost. There are numerous DSLRs out in the market with better specs but one has to fork out more pay to acquire them.

Canon T6 camera

Canon T6 best features

  • The fully automated shooting modes.
  • Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity
  • The standard EF-S lens mount allows for a wide variety of lenses to be applicable.
  • A battery life of 500 shots
  • Full HD video capture
  • A 902,000 dot unit 3 inch clear display

Areas for improvement in the Canon T6

  • The lack of 4K shooting though off course the price justifies the lack of it.
  • The 9 point autofocus needs to upgrade.
  • No touchscreen


The battery life of the Canon T6 is impressive with a 500 shots capability. This is enough for an average day of shooting. A formidable competitor here is the Nikon D3300 that offers not only a longer battery life of about 700 shots but also a higher resolution with a burst rate maximum of 5fps. The T6 has a burst rate of 3fps maximum. The T6 edges the Nikon D3300 due to its Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity that the latter lacks.

The Nikon D3500 offers better detail resolution as compared to the T6. This is however not very pronounced unless one is printing extra-large pictures. Nikon D3500’s 24.2 MP sensor obviously beats the T6 18 MP sensor. Concerning the pricing, the T6 is by far cheaper than the Nikon. The T6 sell at $272.99 on Amazon while the Nikon D3500 sells at $ 669.6 at Walmart. The Nikon has a 1550 shots capable battery and has Bluetooth connectivity.


Even with the stiff competition in the DSLR current market, the Canon T6 offers value for offers beginners a great image quality and other features at an affordable price. Despite its reliance on features from the old model T5, the introduction of new aspects such as Wi-Fi and NFC are a great welcome.

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Best Sony A6000 Refurbished Review

You might want to purchase the famous Sony Alpha a6000 refurbished today, yet you have to know what it means to be refurbished. We say this because you can get what you want if you know what you are buying. Therefore, read this article so you can make the best buying decision.

Compact Stuff

Sony A6000 refurbished kit

What to look for in the Sony Alpha a6000 refurbished? Well, you have to look for the right design right away so you can have the beauty you want. Don’t worry because the Sony Alpha a6000 has the lightweight design that you have been seeking for a long time too. The Sony Alpha a6000`s controls should be intuitive and easy to use. Therefore, you have to think about this too.

Remote Control

The Sony A6000 should have the remote control that you have to use today. This will allow you to get the convenience you want to get these days, and this is just part of the package. Enhancing your Sony Alpha a6000 should be easy and you should get the best stuff out there to make that happen as soon as possible.

Shooting Like a Pro

The Sony Alpha a6000`s controls should be intuitive enough for you to be able to shoot like a true pro, and that’s just part of the fun today. Getting a Wi-Fi connection should be easy too, and that is just part of the package. The Sony Alpha a6000 should also behave very well when it comes to low lighting, and that is just part of the package.

Get the Sony Alpha a6000 so you can get what you need because this item has all the features and options you need to start shooting like a true pro right away. Therefore, do this and have fun today whenever you want to. Remember this and enjoy your life.

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Best Lens for Canon T6i – Reviewed

If you are looking for the best Canon T6i lens for daily photography, you can refer to Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens. It is recognized to be the new standard kit lens for the APS-C DSLR cameras of Canon. It comes with the 29-88mm focal length. It is equipped with the recently developed stepping motor which ensures continuous and smooth AF during the capturing of video, in live view mode. It comes with super spectra coating which reduces flare and ghosting, the non-rotating front element, circular seven-blade aperture. Featuring the internal focus design, it provides full-time manual focus which is electronically driven.


This lens comes with an amazing broad zoom ring, the AF/MF switch, the switch for the image stabilization. A narrow ring is present near the front lens by which it is possible to focus manually. The body of the lens is comprised of plastic of premium quality which contributes to making the weight of the lens just two ounces.

Image Stabilization

The lens features the 4-stop image stabilizer technology with which it possible to use shutter speeds 4 times with a considerable rise in the image blur.


The resolution of the camera is considered to be one of the worth mentioning reasons why people prefer this lens. It stands out of the ordinary in conferring a sharp feature. As it comes with a sharp feature, you can be ensured that you will be able to click the most amazing pictures with this lens. If you are looking for a lens by which you can click ext-ordinary photos daily, you should refer to this lens.


The lens has earned a high reputation for the character development at 18mm from visible barrel distortion to the lighter pincushion distortion at almost 55mm. You will not find any distortion in the photos above 35mm. At the least focal lengths, you will be capable of recognizing the distortion in practice.


This Canon T6i comes with lens elements along with super spectra coating for the prevention of internal reflections. In accordance with canon, the coating plays an indispensable role in the absorption of light when gets reflected from the internal lens elements or sensor of the camera. This lens function in an effective manner.

Chromatic Aberration

This is an economic lens and can be availed in the popular chromatic aberration form. Chromatic aberration present in the lens review the magnetic fringing in different areas of the higher contract. It is more visible in the wider angles in comparison to the zoomed in.


This lens shower amazing sharpness at the ƒ/3.5 at 18mm wide-open. This lens stands out of the ordinary in providing amazing performance. There is a consistent improvement in the performance of the sharpness while zooming out the focal range.

Ease Of Use

One of the prominent reasons why people prefer using this lens is due to the fact that it can be used without any hassles. You are sure to get undistorted and sharp photos with the aid of this lens.

Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM happens to be another worth mentioning the name in the list of best Canon T6i lens. You can take clear photos with this lens.

Should You Buy A GoPro Camera?

As a photographer, or someone who takes videos or make movies. We tend to become bored with our gadgets after using it for
a while. We all desire to upgrade to the next big thing, just to improve the quality of our pictures, videos, and movies.

However, good and quality gadgets can be so expensive sometimes. This is why people often settle for refurbished or second-hand gadgets, especially when you’re on a budget, and you don’t have a lot of money. Second-hand and refurbished gadgets are usually way cheaper, as compared to new ones.

However, there is the risk that you might not be satisfied with the product, as someone had used it before probably for years, before selling the product. Refurbished products are more reliable than
second-hand gadgets. The refurbished ones are usually checked, and any fault or defect in the gadget would have been repaired before being offered for sale.

What Is A Refurbished GoPro Camera?

A refurbished GoPro camera is one that has been used for a while, then sent back to the manufacturer, so it can be restored to the condition it was when it was made. Basically, a GoPro camera is like new, although, they’re not new in the real sense. They can be gotten for a cheaper price, than the new one. Going for a refurbished GoPro camera is the best option if you don’t have enough funds to get a new one.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying A GoPro Camera?

1. Reduced price:

A GoPro camera is cheaper than a new one. You can save some couple of dollars if you decide to settle for the refurbished one. The refurbished one is almost like new anyway.

2. You can get more things on a low budget:

The cost of buying a gadget might just be equivalent to buying the refurbished version. This can leave with some extra money to even buy other gadgets that would be useful to your craft.

The only problem with buying a refurbished GoPro camera is that you don’t know why the product was refurbished. Be careful to look at the package well, to know why it was refurbished. This would help you make up your mind.

How to Save Money on the Sony A6000 Camera

Buying brand new Sony A6000 camera may be very expensive to afford. But there are other various ways you can buy your best Sony A6000 camera in a cheap way thus saving some money. Here are some of the recommendable Sony A6000 deals of buying which will leave you smiling with some cash.

Buy a Bundle Package

If you want to save money when buying Sony A6000 camera, consider buying a bundle package. If you buy in this way, you will get some cheap deals as compared to buying only one Sony A6000 camera. When you compare the price of a single Sony A6000 camera with the price you pay for buying a bundle of the package, you will get that buying a bundle of the package is cheaper compared to buying just a single piece of camera.

Buy Refurbished Sony A6000 Camera

sony a6000 refurbished deals

Refurbished Sony A6000 camera is definitely cheaper than the brand new. Refurbished Sony A6000 cameras are the one which may get some fault before it’s sold or the one who had bought it before realizes has the default conditions then returns it to the manufacturer.

This camera is then accessed the fault extent and repaired before it’s sold again with cheaper prices compared to the brand new thus saving you some money. These cameras are of high quality almost like the brand new or even well. Refurbished Sony A6000 camera from the genuine seller will always have a warranty.

Get Used Sony A6000 Camera

Purchasing used Sony A6000 camera can save you some money. Used Sony A6000 camera is relatively cheaper than the brand new. To get a genuine used camera, but from a professional photographer who uses the high-quality camera and keeps high standards of maintenance or you visit the used camera dealer who will sell you genuine used Sony A6000 camera.

With the above tips, you will save some money after buying a Sony A6000 camera. But make sure both refurbished and used Sony A6000 is from genuine sellers to avoid getting scammed and lose your money.

Canon 70D Lenses Review

The Canon 70D is one of the most popular intermediate DSLR available on the market. Canon is a well-known organization that makes affordable and sophisticated cameras to help even amateur photographer take the best pictures. Some of it competitors includes Nikon, Kodak, Casio, Leica, and numerous others.  Any good Canon 70D lens should give you that perfect picture you are looking for but one few will do it consistently without having to be a pro.

Canon 70D lensNot exclusively does the Canon 70d  make an awesome variety of cameras to browse however it additionally makes a wide determination of lenses to run with those cameras? Choosing at least one lenses for your camera, be that as it may, can frequently be an overwhelming knowledge since there are such a large number of to browse. For instance, there are wide-angle lenses, prime lenses, telephoto lenses, and other to look for. Picking the best lens for Canon 70D to match your exact requirements can be exceptionally difficult.

Not exclusively are there a wide range of lenses to browse, yet they are additionally exceptionally costly. Now and then these lenses even cost more than what your camera cost. Many individuals endeavor to get around this high cost by obtaining utilized lenses. It’s unquestionably conceivable to spare cash along these lines however you must be sure beyond a shadow of a doubt the item was nurtured. This is frequently difficult to do since a visual investigation of the inside is regularly unrealistic.

Purchasing a revamped focal point is another approach to spare cash however despite everything you should be cautious with a system as well. This is on the grounds that there is a wide range of organizations that can take every necessary step on these lenses. To be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt you are getting a quality item, ensure that canon 70d lenses is the organization that did the renovating chip away at the focal point you are pondering purchasing.

Before you buy you Canon 70d lens, unquestionably think about purchasing utilized or revamped units to spare cash. With the immense reserve funds you are certain to see, you can buy much a greater amount of these awesome lenses and grow the scope of your photography.

Buying tips for Nikon D3400 lenses

Purchasing Nikon lenses are easy. This statement will be bluntly refuted by those who have made the purchase earlier and continue to pursue the lenses depending upon their professional commitments. It is never easy to approach the right place for buying Nikon lenses. This is because though the vendor might claim to be a specialist in Nikon D3400 lenses, the stuff that you buy might turn out to be bogus. What follows? Wastage of money, drainage of energy and a possible quarrel with the vendor are some of the after-effects you can look forward to.

The Nikon D3400 lenses presented here are such lenses that cannot be bought from just anywhere. The place from where you make the purchase has to be a bona fide establishment which sells original lenses.

Whether you buy a portrait lens or the Nikon Wide Angle Lens, they have to be bought from a credible place so that the credibility in the purchase is there. These lenses can also be rented by paying nominal for cheap Nikon D3400 lenses. This lens rental will ensure that they get the lenses without any glitch and are able to use them well. The store should be an official partner or agent of the company who retails the lenses. The shop should be an official subsidiary or freelance agency of the brand.

The shop from where the purchased gets made should be a good set up and should have a variety of lenses in store. This ensures that the pick is good. More the variety, more are the chances of taking a good shot at the buy for the variety ensures that the quality must be good.

Online purchases can also be made but the buyer should make it a point to make the purchase from the genuine website of the brand. A failure in doing that is again sabotaging. Online camera stores that claim to be official partners of the brand first ought to have their verifications checked.

The purchases are made best when done from a very good, credible and bona fide store. This proves to be one of the finest things to happen to any buyer interested in buying Nikon D3400 lenses. Another great way to buy good lenses is with the Nikon D3400 bundle package available on many online retailer websites. The Nikon D3400 provides great deals on lenses and accessories which makes it the buy of choice for many beginners and pro photographers.

This knowledge ensures that even if you happen to make the purchase from a place which is not that good or reputed and still manage to find good lenses, you do not miss out on the buy. These are certain street-smart maneuvers that a buyer should be well versed with so that he does not default on any purchase that can be good and will turn out good.

Nikon D3300 Refurbished Tips for New Buyers

Refurbished Nikon D3300

If you are looking to get a DSLR at a more affordable price then purchasing a Nikon D3300 refurbished is a great option. However, Apart from having a warranty, Nikon D3300 is also way much cheaper than the new Nikon 3300 camera. Here are some of the tips for buying a refurbished Nikon D3300.

Make sure you buy from authorized dealers– While refurbished items can be purchased directly from the manufacturers, if you want to make some savings then you need to buy from an authorized dealer. More so, buying from a seller who is not authorized is not good because it’s hard to know who did the repairs.

Make sure it has the accessories– Since there are several accessories that usually come with a camera, a battery grip for Nikon D3300 will be very helpful to take beautiful shots while under pressure. Some of the basic accessories include manuals, software, wrist wrap, and USB and power connections.

You need to know why it was sent back– It’s also very important to know why it was sent back to the manufacturer. This is because some cameras may only be having cosmetic issues that can easily be solved. If you get one of these cameras then it’s as good as buying a new one.

Caution when buying the Nikon D3300 Refurbished

Nikon D3300 refurbished deals with lenses

In case you get a defective refurbished Nikon D3300 camera you need to know that new products usually arrives defective all the time. Purchasing a new product, therefore, doesn’t guarantee that it will work better than a refurbished one.

You also need to know that a refurbished camera might have a shorter lifespan. This is because it has already been opened.

More so, when buying a refurbished camera, chances of being conned are very high. As a matter of fact, some dealers may sell you a second-hand camera as a refurbished one hence you need to be very careful.

Wrap up

Overall, buying a refurbished Nikon 3300 can be one of the best decisions to make. Apart from a few issues, some of these cameras are just like new ones. Visit for more information.