Does the Nikon D3300 Bundle have all the necessary accessories?

Nikon D3300 bundle guide

Getting a new camera can be pretty exciting, especially if you’ve been depending on your smartphone to take photos. However, it is quite common to get frustrated with your new hobby when you discover you’re missing certain accessories. Especially if said accessories would have your experience more enjoyable. Use this guide to find the best price for Nikon D3300 bundle.

Hence most entry-level cameras come as a package, a starter kit of a sort, like the Nikon D3300 bundle. This way, even if you’re clueless about what accessories you’d need later, you’ll have an idea, as well as the opportunity to purchase at a bulk discount instead of resorting to aftermarket purchases that may not be compatible with your new cam.


Extra lenses!

If you try googling the most searched aftermarket accessories, for cameras, lenses will top, at least the first few relevant pages. This is because your photography needs evolve the longer you spend with your Nikon D3300 DSLR. And the 24.2 zoom lens it originally comes with takes the most basic pictures.

Note that lenses can either be prime, great for taking portrait and casual photos, or zoom if you prefer outdoor photography (like taking up close photos of animals).

For your flexibility, not all Nikon D3300 bundles are the same. Some of the bundles come with both extra prime and zoom lenses, while others come with just the prime lens to complement the original zoom lens. It all depends on what your budget is.


It’s always advisable to start with an entry-level camera, especially if you’re buying in a bundle because professional cameras tend to have more “fireworks” or unnecessary gadgets than you need.

A standard Nikon D3300 bundle has;

  • a memory card (size varies),
  • LCD screen protectors,
  • cleaning kits, bag,
  • wireless shutter remote,
  • the Nikon body (obviously)
  • and the extra lens/lenses, the quality of which will depend on your budget.

The bottom line is that the bundle comes with accessories you’re guaranteed to use, not accessories you’ll fiddle with and later keep in storage.