GoPro Karma Review

The GoPro Karma is more than a drone. With it, you can record in excellent quality from original perspectives. It is compatible with Hero 5 Black and Hero 4 (with special adapter).

GoPro Karm Drone

It’s light and compact and you can take it with you anywhere, anytime. Karma is easy to use, making it ideal for people who buy a drone for the first time. GoPro Karma is a droning designed specifically for enthusiastic users who want to have fun recording new images and videos from new perspectives. It’s basically a “flying” support for a GoPro action camera. It has an integrated touchscreen LCD remote control (as opposed to other smartphones on the market that use a smartphone for control) and a range of automatic take-off/landing, “return-to-home” functions if it loses the connection to the remote or without battery, etc.

It has a detachable grip system on which a GoPro Hero 4 or 5 camera can be mounted, which also has a stabilizing function for the camera and can also be used stand-alone to stabilize hand-drawn images with GoPro CPC. The Drona is actually a “kit” composed of two complementary accessories to the action camera: the drone itself and the detachable stabilizer. The advanced stabilization system can be attached to the grip to be used in the hand or mounted on a bicycle helmet, bicycle, etc.

With a 1 hour charge, it can fly for about 20 minutes. What I can tell you from my experience so far:

– the image – extraordinarily stable, even in strong wind conditions (it was the main reason we chose this system, the grip deserves all the money invested). If the wind blows, the camera tilts, but the image remains perfectly stable.

– Take-off – GPS connection or calibration is extremely important (if the system requires it). When I took off without waiting for the sound signal that everything was ok, I landed forcefully on the sand and broke the Hero5 LCD.

– landing – can be done manually if the droning loses the GPS signal and visual contact is maintained, but it is quite difficult for a beginner (requires practice).

– the battery – it keeps quite a bit, if you take off the take-off + landing time, 15 minutes are useful for overflight. It can cover with a little skill a location (2-3 frames). I recommend the second one (it is loaded in an hour after the clock) so that it can work without the pressure of time.

Be careful if there are strong air currents (consider wind direction as well as the wind direction of the drones) may cause shocks that can disconnect the battery. It is the most serious problem (but all drones have it …).